WorldSkills Europe






WorldSkills Europe is an international nonprofit organization that promotes quality skilled work and vocational education.  The organization raises awareness of the importance of the professional excellence and high-quality vocational education and training at European level. Aims to make the world better with the power of professional excellence and shows the value of skills, increases the recognition  of skilled professionals.


WorldSkills Europe's main focus is to showcase and promote the European skills and vocational education and training. To do so, WorldSkills Europe organizes the biannual EuroSkills competition, the European championship for young skilled professionals to compete to become best of the continent in their skill of expertise. With the help of this spectacular international  event WorldSkills Europe mission is getting increasingly well known between  the general public and professionals all around Europe.

The EuroSkills competition provides an unique platform for European policy-makers, educators, industry partners and other organizations to get together and exchange thoughts and ideas about innovation, vocational education and training and partnership possibilities.

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