Champions’ Road Show: Gold medalists of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 get to know the Hungarian culture and VET system

The gold medalists of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 and the Hungarian competitors took part in the Champions’ Road Show between 31 March and 6 April. This program is considered to be the closing event of the European Championship of young professionals, which was held last year in Budapest. 


The idea of the Road Show is a new initiative that came up first in the Hungarian bid for the competitions in 2014. The main objective of the program’s organiser, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was to promote skills competitions and increase the prestige of the professions and professional work. The program gave the participants a chance to get acquainted with the country and the Hungarian culture and also to get an insight of the Hungarian vocational school system. 


During the study trip, the champions visited four vocational training schools of 3 vocational training centers: two schools of the Budapest Complex Vocational Training Center, the Gyula Kaesz Vocational High School of Wood Industry, and Queen Elizabeth Vocational School of Beauty Therapy, one in Miskolc Vocational Training Center, the Andrássy Gyula Engineering High School and one in Veszprém Vocational Training Center, the Mihály Táncsics Technical Gymnasium, Vocational Secondary School and Dormitory. During a career orientation program, the champions were able to take part in various interactive presentations organized by the centers and had the opportunity to exchange experiences with Hungarian students. Apart from the Hungarian competitors, gold medalists arrived from abroad too, such as Austria, France, Latvia, Russia and Switzerland.