Uniting Technology with Education

Studica is a leading supplier of educational technologies such as robotics and software products to students, teachers, faculty, and schools.

With over 30 years of experience servicing the academic market, Studica also offers relevant solutions for STEM education and more. The authorized WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection, required to prepare for and compete in the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics competition, is available exclusively at Studica.

Studica has been a great asset in developing the Skill Mobile Robotics to industry standards. We are pleased to have Studica with us as a Global Industry Partner in this field, especially since technology is moving fast. With Studica’s support on a global

— Alexander Amiri, Director Sponsorship and Partnership, WorldSkills International

WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection

All teams competing in the Mobile Robotics skill competition require the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Component Collection.

This collection includes all components required to train and compete. Included in the collection are items such as controllers, drivers, sensors, structural components, servos and motors, wheels, gears, drive train, and fasteners. Additional authorized units and components are also available.